Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It is a great feeling when everything is on your side right now. After going through the sorrow and gloomy days, now it is the time to have a big smile on my face, from gloomy to shiny day. Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah.

Dan sesiapa yang bertaqwa kepada Allah (dengan mengerjakan suruhanNya dan meninggalkan laranganNya), nescaya Allah akan mengadakan baginya jalan keluar (dari segala perkara yang menyusahkannya), serta memberinya rezeki dari jalan yang tidak terlintas di hatinya. Dan (Ingatlah), sesiapa berserah diri bulat-bulat kepada Allah, maka Allah cukuplah baginya (untuk menolong dan menyelamatkannya). Sesungguhnya Allah tetap melakukan segala perkara yang dikehendakiNya. Allah telahpun menentukan kadar dan masa bagi berlakunya tiap-tiap sesuatu.

(Ayat 2 & 3 Surah At-Talaq)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Drama Korea itu typical. Sangat typical. Trend drama yang selalu dapat rating tinggi selalunya drama2 macam Boys Over Flower and the latest, You're Beautiful. Story line ok la, not bad tapi tu la die punye syndrom tyipcal tu memang tak boleh nak elak. Lelaki elit, kacak, kaya, famous, idol semua orang jatuh cinta kat perempuan - commoner, funny, kelam-kabut sikit, biasa2 je haa yang tu la yang lelaki2 tadi minat. Sampai berebut2. Predictable la story line die. Tapi still best. Still dapat rating tinggi2.

Kenapa? Haa..ni personal reasoning je la as orang yg tengok drama Korea ni. Sebab director cerita tu tahu kat mana dia nak cut episode tu untuk sambung ke next episode. So bila orang tengah syok2 tengok tiba "to be continued". Pergh..sape tak hangin kan..memang la curious giler nak tahu apa yang berlaku in the next episode. Tu yang keep on watching sebab rasa nak tahu sambungan die.

p/s: Tiba-tiba rasa nak makan roti inti kaya ke nutella ke tak kisah la.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I hate to say this but I miss you. Can I?

Friday, November 13, 2009

I apologize

I apologize to you blog for not being updated in such a long period. It is just the laziness of myself and it reflects how hectic I am recently. Actually, I'm thinking of deactivating this blog and stop writing because I realize that I'm not the type of blogging person and I'm really not into writing.This blog also looks dull because of the physical appearance together with the fact of no interesting entry to be written down here. After all, I start to think that in 10 or 20 years from now, I wanna have something to look at in my young ages. So, my final decision is just let it be as it is without the deactivation.

In this entry, I mentioned about my dream to be selected as the TBP members. Alhamdulillah, one of my dream has become true even though sometimes I feel bad about this thing (the feeling when you are surrounded with great people but you are not the one). The "underdog" title is fine with me.

I miss home. I'm not homesick but since I went back home last summer, I know that the phrase "home is the place where the heart is" will hold true in any condition without any violation and assumption needed. I hate being in place where; when you are hungry, you got nothing to eat or even if you have something to eat, they are just tasteless (I'm the picky one about food since my family's background related to cooking, my grandma run her wedding catering service, my mum is a kindergarten's teacher who cook for her students). Malaysia is just a food's heaven. You can have anything you want when you are hungry. I hate being in place where you wanna travel a lot, but your financial doesn't allow you to do that. I could probably travel to anywhere I want but it is just not a nice thing to travel with the limited financial source. So, the best solution is just wait for my graduation, going back home for good, start working and receiving money, and then go travelling around the world. I've spent almost 2 and half years in US but I've never been to California, Florida or even the New York city. A big L to me.

Anyway, I need some motivation and prayers so that I can go through the rest of the semester patiently. I'm having the hardest time period in my life. Since there is nothing much left for me and the comeback seems impossible, I pray for the miracle to happen so that it would become a victory for me at the end.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This picture was taken during during my flight from Stockholm to Newark, NJ. This was at the air space of Greenland. The pilot announced that we were at the Greenland at there was a very beutiful view outside. Subhanallah. I was amazed by the super cool view. It was really beautiful. At this moment, the aircraft was flying at 30,000 ft above the sea level and I could see the huge mountain and iceberg around the Greenland at this altitude. Could you imagine the real size?? Even when I was at the 30,000 ft altitude, I could see the huge iceberg and mountains. There is still Allah's creature which is untouchable by human being - a place who is really calm, quiet, and free from pollution. I think this was the first and the last time I got this chance since MAS will going to suspend the Newark-Stockholm-KL route. Thanks God. It just a view but it is really something.

p/s: bukit-bukau itu bergerak

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish this dream could be true one day

This was the Tri-Nations Cup. The match was between All Blacks (New Zealand) and Wallabies (Australia) . I'm so envy with this people who went there to watch this match. I got this photo from my friend's album in Facebook. It is my all time dream - watching All Blacks hakka (kappa o pango) and their game on field against any team. O God, can you make my dream comes true so that I don't have to be so jealous watching other people photos on Facebook. I have the feeling that it would be the greatest moment in my life when this dream comes true.

p/s: credit to the owner of the photo.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Ganu!!!

Ni entry luahan perasaan..siapa2 rasa meluat or rasa entry ni offensive ke, no need to continue your reading.

Ok finally I'm not a teenager anymore but it's ok because the older the wiser from the bright side.

Sebenarnye tak tahu nak cakap kat siapa so better cakap kat blog la kan. Jadi gila sekejap.

Actually i'm dreaming of something. Something sweet on my birthday. Mengade2 kan??? Hahaha.. Byk sgt tengok drama kot tapi it happens in the real life. Something sweet macam someone give me a call n sing the birthday song to me or decorate e-card cantik2 n send it to me. Byk2 sbnrnye that i've seen n i think it's sweet. Hurmm ape lagi..tiba2 dapat hadiah ke..like surprise la..surprise birthday party tu tak mungkin la kan...bukan sebab orang tak buat..sebab i can expect what gonna expect..so it's not called a surprise la kan..banyak lagi la bnd2 sweet on birthday..banyak sangat kot...hadiah mungkin tak la..sebab diri sendiri pon tak bagi hadiah kat org masa birthday..so fair la kan..sama la mcm bnd2 sweet tu...well it is give n take..it's applied here..

tapi tak pe..wishes from you guys pon dah sangat2 dihargai..at least i know i'm still on somebody's mind..tak nak la nanti org cakap bagi betis nak peha..

thanks God because i'm in Malaysia right now..so still dekat dengan family..ayah dah janji nak belanja makan..may be i have to wait for another 20 or 40 years so baru dapat benda2 sweet on birthday..dah tua pon tua la..janji dapat merasa kan..tu pon kalau dipanjangkan umur..

i hope one day bila dah tiba masa utk kerja..i'll be far away from people..the most suitable place is the oil platform at the offshore..kat mane2 la..tau la kan offshore..mmg terputus hubungan ngn dunia luar..so even it's your birthday..you dont have to feel sad kalo xde org celebrate ke ape..sebab mmg jauh dari orang..so xyah la time tu nak ngade2 nak bnd2 sweet la..mintak penyepak la jawabnye ngan boss..haha..

may be kalau ade the other half of yours it will be more meaningful..hurmm..tak jugak kot..sebab ade jugak la case mlm2 birthday tu la bergaduh sakan..tapi still it' better to have something than nothing..again it's still not the time yet nak ade other half pulok..

kat vandy may be sweet jugak sebab ade member2 yg sudi2 masak2 sume or at least makan chillis same2 or makan ben n jerrys cake same2..haa tu pon sweet gak..

sorry kalau ade buat sape2 terasa..memang tak berniat langsung..it's just from bottom of my heart..i just wanna cheer up myself on my birthday..like people always say sometimes something is better to left unsaid..tapi tu la..kadang2 kena jugak express..blog pon blog la..layann..nak citer kat org nnti takut kena cop mengade la..poyo la..haha..

ok tu je la kot luahan hati orang gila untuk kali ini..Sekian..lol..

p/s: thanks to sunbae awatif for giving me the cute birthday song n thanks guys for the wishes..

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What summer is for engineering student

Hahahaha..this picture could describe thousand words of what summer is for engineering student. Water skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving, and roller blading are really perfect activities on summer. But I wonder why engineering is there. The answer is engineering is freak. Just look at their body color. Everyone got tanned except engineering people. lol.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cepat la

Betul la orang kata "If you are counting and waiting for something, you'll feel that time will move very slow". Cepat la please nak balik Malaysia. There's no other sweet place like home.

Circuit doesn't treat me really well (orang lain kata senang je, untuk orang2 kurang pandai dan lambat macam aku memang susah la kot). Tengok circuit belit2 last2 otak aku yang short circuit.
Cepat la 4th July. 2 years for not being home is really a long time. Bukan homesick tapi really summer di vandy boring. Well, kalau 1st time ok lagi kot tapi bila dah tiap2 tahun jadi boring. Sebabnya you can do many other fun things back home:
  • rumah sendiri
  • mamak
  • futsal
  • lepak dengan member
  • pergi mana2 suka
  • makanan yang variety+sedap2+dijamin halal
  • pantai
  • tengok tv dengan family
  • jalan2
  • hantar mak pergi kerja+ambil mak balik kerja
  • kenduri kahwin
Macam-macam. Nak list kan pun tak larat. It doesn't matter whoever you are and whereever you go, doing those fun things are really priceless and always become what is so called "all time favorite memory".

Thursday, May 28, 2009

You are my Sunshine

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are gray.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away

The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried.

You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are gray.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away.
Please don't take my sunshine away.

p/s: you know who you are

Saturday, May 23, 2009

We are the typhoon

Everywhere we go
People want to know
Who we are
Where we come from
So we tell them
We are the Typhoon
Macho macho Typhoon
Tough tough Typhoon
Beautiful Typhoon

One cheer for Typhoon

Those two pictures are Terendak Old Boys rugby players in their red and blue jerseys. God, it's been 3 years since the last time I played rugby and I never lost the eager to play it again and again. I really want to be in this team, playing with them as their teammates. How do you feel when Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi or Kaka play in your team as your teammate? It just too fantastic right? Well, I know they (TOB) are not at the level of those big names, but some of them are my idol since I was in Form 1. I really hope that one day I can be the player for this team eventhough it will be my last time in playing rugby. For TOB, all the best for you guys in any tournament thay you'll play on. You guys might not be well-known as MCOBA, STAROBA, VIOBA, OPA, SDAR LIONS but the team spirit that have been shown really impressed me.

p/s: the time will come. InsyaAllah.

Jalan ke Vandy (Road to Vandy)

"Perjalanan hidup Ganu seharian di MRSM Taiping"

Mula2 sembang nak lebat aje..semangat tak boleh bla..yang lain duk layan je..tangan masih consistent memegang pensel..(kuang aja Nazeera ajuk cakap aku..haha..)

Lepas tu sengih2 depan camera..mata as always la tak terbuka kalau ada camera kat depan..tangan masih consistent memegang pensel..yang si Lembu buat2 rajin..

At the end, he reached his main purpose of going to class, tidoo.. while yang sorg ni dah gugur syahid, yang lain maintain rajin..Good job..

This was part of the good memory how you can reach up till Vandy..haha..the most important thing is the memory will never being faded away and friendship will remain as good as it is till the end.

p/s: credit to Ainil for the editing and sending these great videos to me..Arigato ne..

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer updated

It is the screen shot from my laptop wallpaper. Can you see the similarity between 
those two places, my current location which is Nashville and my hometown, Shah Alam.
Finally, Nashville is having its real summer with temperature 27 up to 29 degree C outside
there. When 27 degree C could be considered as really hot here in Nashville, I don't know
how about people in Malaysia, doing their activity in 33-35 degree C. Is it super hot? 
O God. But still summer is much better than the freaking cold winter.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Influenza A H1N1

Saya antara orang di muka bumi ini yang bersetuju apabila World Healh Organization (WHO) menukar nama "Swine Flu" atau "Selsema Babi" kepada Influenza A H1N1. Bukanlah saya penggemar haiwan itu malah saya juga jijik melihat haiwan itu, tetapi terminologi "Selsema Babi" itu agak kritikal untuk sesetengah pihak.

Cukup untuk saya katakan masyarakat Melayu yang beragama Islam di Malaysia sangat sensitif dengan nama haiwan ini dan sehingga terjadinya kes selsema ini, sifat anti-babi itu semakin mendalam. 

Melalui pembacaan dan pemahaman saya mengenai selsema ini, benar ia berasal dari babi tetapi dalam erti kata mudah, nenek moyang virus H1N1 itu yang berasal dari babi. Ini bermakna untuk masa sekarang, virus itu tidak langsung merebak melalui haiwan tersebut. Tetapi di sesetengah tempat yang kes Influenza A ini digembar-gemburkan (overrated), menjadi satu trend masyarakat di sana untuk panik, kelam-kabut dan tidak tentu arah.

Walhal mereka lupa ini adalah wabak selsema. Bezanya cuma kadar merebaknya virus H1N1 ini begitu cepat dan tiada lagi vaksin untuk virus ini setakat ini. Ramai yang sedia maklum flu atau selsema biasa juga boleh membawa maut. Apa yang penting ialah tindakan pencegahan dari awal agar virus ini tidak merebak.

Mengenai 2 orang pelajar Malaysia yang baru pulang bercuti dari Amerika Syarikat dan disahkan positif dijangkiti virus H1N1, adalah tidak adil jika kita menyalahkan pelajar-pelajar tersebut. Tiada sesiapa di dunia ini yang mahu diri mereka sakit apatah lagi dipersalahkan kerana menjadi punca virus itu tersebar. Kalaulah H1N1 itu boleh dilihat dengan mata kasar, sudah pasti mereka akan mengelaknya dan tiada kes Influenza A di Malaysia sehingga sekarang.

Nashville sehingga sekarang tidak mencatat kes yang serius walaupun dilaporkan terdapat kes yang berlaku tetapi boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai minoriti tetapi tidak pula diabaikan (not important but not negligible).

Sentiasalah berdoa kepada Allah s.w.t memohon agar diri kita, keluarga, jiran-jiran dan masyarakat seluruh dunia dilindungi dari wabak penyakit ini.
"Dan Kami turunkan dari Al Quran suatu yang menjadi penawar dan rahmat bagi orang-orang yang beriman dan Al Quran itu tidaklah menambah kepada orang-orang yang zalim selain kerugian" (surah Al-Isra':82)
Ingatlah. Allah tidak menurunkan penyakit tanpa penawarnya.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The small thing

Have you ever see something like "chenta" or "mutha"? Well, chenta = cinta and mutha = mother. Those kind of altered words are really annoying. I think it's just for me and others could accept it but I'm sorry buddies, I could not accept it. Everytime I see those kind of words, I just think that person might have some kind of problem in his or her language. Again I really apologize for that because this is just my thought and I am not in state of criticize any person.

I think everyone should read this article from Saifulislam.com. It is a good article from Ustaz Hasrizal. He got his own opinion and words about using the short form in writing or messaging. In Ustaz Hasrizal case, I think he is true when he could not accept people writing in this short form and obviously when leaving comment or shoutout in his blog. My words about this is Saifulislam.com is now becoming a public blog with thousand of readers per day. So, it is so true when you deal with something publically and academically, you have to use the proper words and language so that you are in the same boat as the writer.

For me, I'm fine with those short form because it suits me as well as my friends. You don't have to write "diz" as "this" or "bcoz" as "because" when you are using yahoo messenger or any other related instant messaging program.

Everything that we have to care about is when, where and to whom we are talking to. If he is our friend, then that is fine enough since we don't want to waste our time writing the complete words but if it is something academically or involve your profesionalism to be taken into account, yes you have to know how to deal with it.

p/s: I think my writing style is strongly affected by the engineering lab report style. Too bad. hahaha..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Anggun by Bau (OST Merah Puteh)

meski hati tak rela
bila dunia tak lagi untukku
sampai waktunya aku sendiri
hidup yang ku tak pasti

langkahku terhenti
tak mampu berlari
saat tangannya digenggam
engkau lepaskan

bernafas tanpa udara
tangisku tiada air mata
kerana semuanya berlalu manghilang
dan tak akan kembali

ku cuba menutup mataku
bila ku lelah untuk hidup
namun semuanya berubah di saat engkau hadir..

kau yang anggun
kau yang telah membuat aku kembali
ke jasadku
yang telah mati dan
kau sinarku

cahaya yang terang
untuk perjalanan yang lurus ini

dunia sementara
mengejar masa itu pasti
buat aku
dan bersyukurku akannya.

p/s: Anggun is daughter of one of this band member and Dira Abu Zahar (as Anggun who is the main actress in Merah Putih)..sweet??

Sunday, May 10, 2009

10 Wasiat Imam Hasan Al-Banna

1. Dirikanlah solat tatkala engkau mendengar azan, betapapun keadaan di waktu itu.

2. Bacalah Al-Qur-an, atau telaahlah tafsirannya atau dengarkanlah orang lain membacanya, atau zikirlah kepada Allah dan janganlah engkau gunakan sebahagian waktumu untuk hal-hal yang tidak berfaedah.

3. Berbicaralah dengan bahasa Arab yang fasih, kerana yang demikian itu termasuk syi’ar Islam.

4. Jangan banyak berdebat dalam hal apapun, kerana pertengkaran itu tidak akan mendatangkan kebaikan.

5. Janganlah banyak tertawa, sebab hati yang berhubungan dengan Allah itu adalah tenang dan mantap.

6. Jangan suka berkelakar berolok-olok, sebab umat yang berjuang tidak mengenal selain kesungguhan.

7. Janganlah engkau keraskan suaramu melebihi yang diperlukan oleh pendengar, kerana hal itu menunjukkan kebodohan dan menyakitkan.

8. Jauhilah menghina orang, mencela organisasi dan janganlah berbicara kecuali pembicaraan yang baik.

9. Perkenalkanlah dirimu kepada orang yang engkau jumpai, walaupun ia tidak meminta hal itu darimu, sebab dasar dakwah kita adalah cinta dan saling kenal mengenal.

10. Kewajiban selalu lebih banyak dari yang tersedia, sebab itu bantulah orang lain untuk memanfa’atkan waktunya. Jika engkau mempunyai suatu urusan, maka selesaikanlah dalam waktu sesingkat-singkatnya.

Friday, May 1, 2009


Finally I'm done with my sophomore year but it is not a great finishing though. My grades hurt me. Naah.. I don't care. Now it's summer break. It's time to chill, playing around, watching dozen of movies or drama series everyday, and the most important thing it's time to go back home. Oh damn you Swine Flu. I hope that KLIA officers are kind enough to not putting me into the quarantine room.

Summer Trip Plan:

May - Chicago (Midwest Games - can't wait to have my picture being taken in front of the big mercury at the Millenium Park..hahaha..)

June - Nashville (Nashville Zoo???????!!)

July & August - Shah Alam & Jakarta (and too many places to be decided - TBA)

TV Drama:

Merah Puteh (TV9)
Dari Mata Arissa (TV1)

ganu is such a loser because he doesn't follow any english tv series...hahaha..I don't care. I just wanna be what I love to be  and I just wanna do wh
at I love to do.

Class of 2009 is graduating. Congratulations y'all. Have a great time. I still have two years to go.

Current wish list for Summer

p/s : If you like someone, just tell him/her that you like him/her. Well, life is just too short, you need to share and enjoy the sweet moments of your life. A happy life will lead you to become wiser and healthier..(I don't know why I'm saying this...=P)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Notte Sento

I don't know what it means but it's in Italian.    

-Nice view                
-Beautiful pathtetic lady
-A very gentleman
-A wonderful first sight love story I think.

It's a great short film.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite phrases

Well, I think this phrase will suit well the favorite for student kind of like me :

  • I hate something complicated-I just couldn't handle it.
  • I love to go to class. Actually I have to but if the class is 50 minutes long, I would like it to be ended as soon as possible. (30 minutes would be fine)
  • I would like something that easygoing-that is enough for me. I don't need something that really advanced.
  • I hate lab-report or essay writing. When I feel like I wanna start doing them, I would definitely end up with facebook or youtube or reading anyone's blog.
So, here we go. The favorite phrases that I would like to listen as a college student.
  • "The class for today is cancelled".
  • "There is no lab report or homework due soon".
  • "The exam is a fairly straight forward exam".
  • "This course doesn't have major exam. All you need to do is just homework and project".
And the most favorite phrases of the day is:
  • "I think that's it for today" or "I think we'll stop here"
Man, I just couldn't describe my happiness by listening to those phrases especially those two last phrases. It just make my heart go giddy up.
Well, if people say this is a bad influence, I just don't care. For me at least, it is a truth.
But still, I need to work hard and completing my task with a great satisfaction. May Allah bless and help always be with us.

Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honorary

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Masa aku kecik2

Masa aku kecik2, macam2 benda aku nak jadi - driver bas,  pilot, bomba, polis trafik, nelayan, peniaga kedai runcit, biker macam Mike Doohan...banyak sangat lagi.

Nak power maen bola macam Zidane.
Nak power berenang semua jenis kuak, power main gitar,main drum....fuhhh..takleh bla.
Nak lari laju2 macam Ato Boldon (the only 100m runner yang aku kenal masa tu)
Nak study kat Al-Azhar (yang ni paling tak boleh diterima akal), Oxford
Nak jadi wrestler macam The Rock.
Nak jadi lelaki cool -bila awek sejuk, buka coat pakaikan kat die - sebab tengok cerita diorang banyak buat camtu..perghhhh...


Tapi sekarang, nelayan pon bukan, The Rock jauh sekali, Al-Azhar dengan Oxford (mimpi boleh la)..cool pon tak..emo lebih..damn it..haha..

p/s to lelaki kot: kalau korang power main gitar and bila gf korang request lagu and korang boleh mainkan untuk dia, man, you are the coolest person in the world I told you (wa cakap lu).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mason Moon - The mos adorable baby in the world

If I am in heaven right now, my wish is to have Mason Moon right in fornt of me so that I can pull out his cheek and look at his big eyes deeply.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Benda kecil tetapi cukup untuk membuat anda senyum

I read a blog today http://lianaezzana.blogspot.com/ (just a random blog that I pick up from Hanis Zalikha's blog -her sister I guess) and I can't stop smiling when I read one of the entry; "Bagaimana nak mengurat". The point that keep me smiling is:

9. Mestilah bersaing secara sihat.

Contohnya, menghabiskan kesemua kek yang diberi oleh jejaka lain kepada si gadis agar pemberian jejaka lain tidak masuk ke kotak memori si gadis.

Haha..lawak giler..kalau macam ni gemuk la saya..=)
Tapi demi nak mengorat it's not a big deal kot..

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring 2009..almost completing half way in states

Yes tomorrow the class for Spring 2009 will begin.  I am gonna learn hard yet interesting stuff like dynamics and thermodynamics. And never forget the 2nd Arabic course. No matter what the language is, learning a new language (for me it is a 3r language) is really great. Looking ahead for a better semester. I am counting the days toward this summer. Yes there is a lot of fun in summer even taking summer class is really enjoyable because we are really focus into it. I am counting for Midwest Games and the most important is the great summer break back in Malaysia.

O Allah, make my path in doing good things to become easy and prevent me from any wrongdoings.
O Allah, help the Mujahideen in Palestine so that they can destroy the laknatullah Zionist.
O Allah, reward the evil Zionist with a great disaster.

Ameen ya rabbal alameen.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

May Allah help the Palestinians and keep them strong

I still remember when I was talking with one of my friend (I can't remember whom), he said that "If you want to find a true Muslim then go to Palestine". The current situation in Gaza make me realized what those "true Muslim" mean. I think it is not only me who hating the Israeli most but there are a lot of people in this world are on the same path with me. Even though if I don't have enough knowledge or information to talk about what is happening now in Middle East, as a human being I can describe what Israeli do toward the Palestinians is over the limit and already cross the boundry. We don't have to talk about any United Nation resolution or whatsoever stuff related to it because it will not work (actually it never work at all). No wonder why Ibn Abbas said he hated Jewish more than he hated monkeys and pigs.

I ask Allah to keep the Palestinians strong and defence Palestine till their last breath and blood.
O brothers, Allah is always with you guys and the victory for Muslims is a definite thing and no doubt about it.