Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wish this dream could be true one day

This was the Tri-Nations Cup. The match was between All Blacks (New Zealand) and Wallabies (Australia) . I'm so envy with this people who went there to watch this match. I got this photo from my friend's album in Facebook. It is my all time dream - watching All Blacks hakka (kappa o pango) and their game on field against any team. O God, can you make my dream comes true so that I don't have to be so jealous watching other people photos on Facebook. I have the feeling that it would be the greatest moment in my life when this dream comes true.

p/s: credit to the owner of the photo.


wankhai said...

Haha. Aku yang bakal gi tanah New Zealand pulak tak terasa apa-apa. Gee. Better start searching about this painful sport then....hahaha.

Good luck Ganu~salam ramadan.

Ganu Standoff10 said...

u should have even only a bit interest to this sport bang khai..dah alang2 gi NZ tu..bestnye la NZ..

selamat berpuasa n salam ramadhan..

RuGGers |8| said...

pergh!!whose pic is that??heard that sepot had watched wallabies vs nz..pergh!!gle envy seh

oreo said...

wankhai2.haha.sori sebok. i was just blog hopping and i saw ur post. nevermind lah once dah keje bleh je travel g nz.

kalai N kalai said...

konpem aku pg klau dah ade duit!