Sunday, September 6, 2009


This picture was taken during during my flight from Stockholm to Newark, NJ. This was at the air space of Greenland. The pilot announced that we were at the Greenland at there was a very beutiful view outside. Subhanallah. I was amazed by the super cool view. It was really beautiful. At this moment, the aircraft was flying at 30,000 ft above the sea level and I could see the huge mountain and iceberg around the Greenland at this altitude. Could you imagine the real size?? Even when I was at the 30,000 ft altitude, I could see the huge iceberg and mountains. There is still Allah's creature which is untouchable by human being - a place who is really calm, quiet, and free from pollution. I think this was the first and the last time I got this chance since MAS will going to suspend the Newark-Stockholm-KL route. Thanks God. It just a view but it is really something.

p/s: bukit-bukau itu bergerak


Aisyah Ismail =) said...

subhanallah.. cantik2 =)

RuGGers |8| said...

pergh!!lawa gle ganu!!untung ko dpt melawat negara org..gune lah peluang tu sebaeknye bro..ak doakan ko berjaya..

p/s: anyway,ko flight g ne tu??br blik dr mesia??

Ganu Standoff10 said...

aisyah- cantik kan..lama gak la lalu Greenland ni..tenang je..

rodi- ni masa aku on the way balik dari malaysia ke us..