Monday, March 9, 2009

Favorite phrases

Well, I think this phrase will suit well the favorite for student kind of like me :

  • I hate something complicated-I just couldn't handle it.
  • I love to go to class. Actually I have to but if the class is 50 minutes long, I would like it to be ended as soon as possible. (30 minutes would be fine)
  • I would like something that easygoing-that is enough for me. I don't need something that really advanced.
  • I hate lab-report or essay writing. When I feel like I wanna start doing them, I would definitely end up with facebook or youtube or reading anyone's blog.
So, here we go. The favorite phrases that I would like to listen as a college student.
  • "The class for today is cancelled".
  • "There is no lab report or homework due soon".
  • "The exam is a fairly straight forward exam".
  • "This course doesn't have major exam. All you need to do is just homework and project".
And the most favorite phrases of the day is:
  • "I think that's it for today" or "I think we'll stop here"
Man, I just couldn't describe my happiness by listening to those phrases especially those two last phrases. It just make my heart go giddy up.
Well, if people say this is a bad influence, I just don't care. For me at least, it is a truth.
But still, I need to work hard and completing my task with a great satisfaction. May Allah bless and help always be with us.

Tau Beta Pi - Engineering Honorary

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Masa aku kecik2

Masa aku kecik2, macam2 benda aku nak jadi - driver bas,  pilot, bomba, polis trafik, nelayan, peniaga kedai runcit, biker macam Mike Doohan...banyak sangat lagi.

Nak power maen bola macam Zidane.
Nak power berenang semua jenis kuak, power main gitar,main drum....fuhhh..takleh bla.
Nak lari laju2 macam Ato Boldon (the only 100m runner yang aku kenal masa tu)
Nak study kat Al-Azhar (yang ni paling tak boleh diterima akal), Oxford
Nak jadi wrestler macam The Rock.
Nak jadi lelaki cool -bila awek sejuk, buka coat pakaikan kat die - sebab tengok cerita diorang banyak buat camtu..perghhhh...


Tapi sekarang, nelayan pon bukan, The Rock jauh sekali, Al-Azhar dengan Oxford (mimpi boleh la) pon tak..emo lebih..damn it..haha..

p/s to lelaki kot: kalau korang power main gitar and bila gf korang request lagu and korang boleh mainkan untuk dia, man, you are the coolest person in the world I told you (wa cakap lu).

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mason Moon - The mos adorable baby in the world

If I am in heaven right now, my wish is to have Mason Moon right in fornt of me so that I can pull out his cheek and look at his big eyes deeply.