Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some thoughts over the night

Hello blog,

Since I don't have anyone to talk to, let me talk to you. I'm exhausted. Assignments, assessment, exam, rig practicals. 3 more weeks to go. Hang in there Ganu.

It's 12.23 AM at this moment (Tyumen local time). I'm hungry. I have nothing to eat. It's not literally nothing. It's just nothing! Then I start to think why do I have to go through all these? I found the answer.

God granted my wish to have a good career with good pay. But with this good pay, I can't even have a pack of biscuit or instant noodle to eat when I'm hungry. Allah is fair. For some people, they don't need to have a high pay job just to have something to eat when they are hungry. Just be at the right place and the right time, they can enjoy their life, watching football together, having some mee goreng mamak and milo ais, chit-chatting, that's it. I don't need all those fancy food; Chilli's, Tony Roma's, Kenny Rogers, Nandos or whatever. A packet of instant noodle would be fine but I couldn't have it. So you work like a mad dog and what is the money for if you can't have anything to eat when you're hungry.

That's the price that I need to pay.

Verily after difficulty, there is ease. InsyaAllah.