Friday, November 13, 2009

I apologize

I apologize to you blog for not being updated in such a long period. It is just the laziness of myself and it reflects how hectic I am recently. Actually, I'm thinking of deactivating this blog and stop writing because I realize that I'm not the type of blogging person and I'm really not into writing.This blog also looks dull because of the physical appearance together with the fact of no interesting entry to be written down here. After all, I start to think that in 10 or 20 years from now, I wanna have something to look at in my young ages. So, my final decision is just let it be as it is without the deactivation.

In this entry, I mentioned about my dream to be selected as the TBP members. Alhamdulillah, one of my dream has become true even though sometimes I feel bad about this thing (the feeling when you are surrounded with great people but you are not the one). The "underdog" title is fine with me.

I miss home. I'm not homesick but since I went back home last summer, I know that the phrase "home is the place where the heart is" will hold true in any condition without any violation and assumption needed. I hate being in place where; when you are hungry, you got nothing to eat or even if you have something to eat, they are just tasteless (I'm the picky one about food since my family's background related to cooking, my grandma run her wedding catering service, my mum is a kindergarten's teacher who cook for her students). Malaysia is just a food's heaven. You can have anything you want when you are hungry. I hate being in place where you wanna travel a lot, but your financial doesn't allow you to do that. I could probably travel to anywhere I want but it is just not a nice thing to travel with the limited financial source. So, the best solution is just wait for my graduation, going back home for good, start working and receiving money, and then go travelling around the world. I've spent almost 2 and half years in US but I've never been to California, Florida or even the New York city. A big L to me.

Anyway, I need some motivation and prayers so that I can go through the rest of the semester patiently. I'm having the hardest time period in my life. Since there is nothing much left for me and the comeback seems impossible, I pray for the miracle to happen so that it would become a victory for me at the end.


aisyah ismail said...

go go go Ganu!~ insyaAllah u'll make it. =)

Anonymous said...

just do your best as you always thankful that you don't already have everything you desire..if you did, what would there be to look forward to? Be thankful for the difficult times..during those times you grow..

wankhai said...

God bless you mate. Amiin.

Anonymous said...

u may think u have nothing interesting to be written here. duhhh, everybody use this same 'lame' reason.

it is ur life and it is u who define what interesting or not. and p/s blog are meant to be a place where you can write anything u want without feeling stupid or..well stupid la basically.

people do read ur blog actually, such as me.i read strangers blog for no reason. and i think it makes me feel better in some way.
maybe reading a 'human blog' like yours who faced similar difficulties like i did; tadek duwet and demotivation sume tu make me feel as if, eleh, rilek sudah, sume orang pun ade mase2 tadek duwet dan kering kontang. haha

gud luck w everything :)
oh n cepat balek malaysia dengan jayanya ye~

Anonymous said...

Siapa kata pergi belajar kat universiti di US senang? Percayalah, semua ada cabaran masing2. I always said live is never easy, even in fairy tales - Cinderella was tortured by her step-family, Snow White was poisoned etc etc (so what make us think real life is easy?)

Belajar je; bukan lama pun nak buat degree; semua orang miss family masa kat US but we survived. So can you. Before you know it it is time to come back home. Semoga dipermudahkan Allah segala urusan.

ps - I whine on my blog - where else if not on our very own blog? :)

Ganu Standoff10 said...

Aisyah n Wankhai - thanx la..=)

Hahahaha..gelak sorang2 baca comment anonymous..tu la kan..hidup tak bole la nak senang je..exactly true..our own blog is the place where u can whine and nobody will get mad on u

Anonymous said...

true anonymous ke 3. bukan blajar kat us je susah. blajar kat uitm pun susah...hahahah

-anonymous 2-hihi