Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The small thing

Have you ever see something like "chenta" or "mutha"? Well, chenta = cinta and mutha = mother. Those kind of altered words are really annoying. I think it's just for me and others could accept it but I'm sorry buddies, I could not accept it. Everytime I see those kind of words, I just think that person might have some kind of problem in his or her language. Again I really apologize for that because this is just my thought and I am not in state of criticize any person.

I think everyone should read this article from It is a good article from Ustaz Hasrizal. He got his own opinion and words about using the short form in writing or messaging. In Ustaz Hasrizal case, I think he is true when he could not accept people writing in this short form and obviously when leaving comment or shoutout in his blog. My words about this is is now becoming a public blog with thousand of readers per day. So, it is so true when you deal with something publically and academically, you have to use the proper words and language so that you are in the same boat as the writer.

For me, I'm fine with those short form because it suits me as well as my friends. You don't have to write "diz" as "this" or "bcoz" as "because" when you are using yahoo messenger or any other related instant messaging program.

Everything that we have to care about is when, where and to whom we are talking to. If he is our friend, then that is fine enough since we don't want to waste our time writing the complete words but if it is something academically or involve your profesionalism to be taken into account, yes you have to know how to deal with it.

p/s: I think my writing style is strongly affected by the engineering lab report style. Too bad. hahaha..


Aisyah Ismail =) said...

ganu skema.. kuikuikui

Ganu Standoff10 said...

ceyt budak ni..nak pangkah aku nampak..apesal aku takleh buka ko nye blog heh?

Aisyah Ismail =) said...

haha org bertuah je leh bukak..

dah lame gak x update.. nape? ko nak pangkah ku blk eh.. x baik ar.. dosa.. ish ish ish heh..

cuti nnt x cadang nk blk tepeng ker? leh la jumpa ngan ayah angkat ko.. (u know who) =p

p/s: ooo~ ko ngata gamba ak kat blog azura xpe lak eh..

*antuLap0* said...

if the altered word annoys u, then let me share sumtin'..hihi!
there's some kind of weirdo who always 'accidentally' pronounces words "UNIQUELY" really made my day lately..
p/s: nak knl x ganu?issues cm nih cume bother org skema je..chenta..ok wut=P
mutha[skali tgk cm name org =P]

Ganu Standoff10 said...

aisyah~hello ayah angkat ko kot..ko jumpe la die..rndu sgt dah die ngn ko..

fish~it's okay if it is accidentally..just accept him as he is.."his imperfection makes him perfect"..quote dari mane ntah..

*antuLap0* said...

i've seen that sumwhere..
status spe tah~
i know i know..nobody's perfect *angel* =P