Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Spring 2009..almost completing half way in states

Yes tomorrow the class for Spring 2009 will begin.  I am gonna learn hard yet interesting stuff like dynamics and thermodynamics. And never forget the 2nd Arabic course. No matter what the language is, learning a new language (for me it is a 3r language) is really great. Looking ahead for a better semester. I am counting the days toward this summer. Yes there is a lot of fun in summer even taking summer class is really enjoyable because we are really focus into it. I am counting for Midwest Games and the most important is the great summer break back in Malaysia.

O Allah, make my path in doing good things to become easy and prevent me from any wrongdoings.
O Allah, help the Mujahideen in Palestine so that they can destroy the laknatullah Zionist.
O Allah, reward the evil Zionist with a great disaster.

Ameen ya rabbal alameen.


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