Saturday, January 3, 2009

May Allah help the Palestinians and keep them strong

I still remember when I was talking with one of my friend (I can't remember whom), he said that "If you want to find a true Muslim then go to Palestine". The current situation in Gaza make me realized what those "true Muslim" mean. I think it is not only me who hating the Israeli most but there are a lot of people in this world are on the same path with me. Even though if I don't have enough knowledge or information to talk about what is happening now in Middle East, as a human being I can describe what Israeli do toward the Palestinians is over the limit and already cross the boundry. We don't have to talk about any United Nation resolution or whatsoever stuff related to it because it will not work (actually it never work at all). No wonder why Ibn Abbas said he hated Jewish more than he hated monkeys and pigs.

I ask Allah to keep the Palestinians strong and defence Palestine till their last breath and blood.
O brothers, Allah is always with you guys and the victory for Muslims is a definite thing and no doubt about it.