Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Search Engine

This sounds interesting.. It is a Muslims product.. Created by Muslim and thus, as a Muslim we have to support this good stuff. So, after this, there will be no problem anymore to us to find something about Islam (Quran verses, hadith, athaan, lecture, movie, story, blogs and etc.). And yes I admit that I still use the Google search engine but we can use both of these at the same time right? This is still a new product and need our support.

It's just a simple way for doing da'waa.. Just try it.
Here is the link


ainil said...

hey..interstg page..
lots of islamic info..
kdg2..pengisian rohani ni bgs..
jadi insan yg x penah lupe asal usul die wpun byk nikmat ko da dpt..
ske ganu yg camni..
bkn ganu yg lupe dri dlu..hehehe..
istiqamah ekk..
n jgn lupe tgk my page..miszainz.blogspot...
k..take care..

Ganu Standoff10 said...

InsyaAllah Ainil..kdg2 org kater aku hipokrit..but then which one is better? Hipokrit utk buat something yg baek or xnak buat something yg baek tu sbb tkut dikata hipokrit? Hurm..

But then thank anyway for visiting my blog..rjin2 la yer..=P

*antuLap0* said...

interesting laa cheapskate point ko..
y shud u be hypocrite tok buat sumtin good??
bkn ker kter kne ikhlaskn ati??
lillahi Taala..
word hypocrite tuh xseswai kot cheapskate.. =P

ainil said...

btol kate antulapo..hehe..
nway..hye antulapo even xkenal=p
ermm..hipokrit??ade ke org ckp camtu?? xptt je..ko wat baik pon ade org kate hipokrit ekk...
ko trus je la wat baik..
Allah will know..
bkn senang nk jadi baik...
kire klu ko truskan ape yg ko wat, n ignore wutever ppl say, tu lebay kurang cam jihad gak tau..

eyh..jgn lupe sweater vanderbilt tau..=P
nnt insyaAllah aku blikan sweater brunswick..ehehe..pray 4 our success keyh..ameen..

Ganu Standoff10 said...

isk3..tu la..pengajarannye jgn la jdik jht sprti

ainil said...

hey!!blekah nk mengupdate??
pastu ltk la chatbox..senang beta nk drop msg..ehehe...