Monday, March 24, 2008


"Ganu, don't repeat the same mistake. It was a big mistake during your past time. Live happily as you are now. Concentrate studying and enjoy the life to the fullest."

InsyaAllah Ainil. I wouldn't. Promise. You know me better right? Please keep reminding me. Pray for our success. Amin.


antuLap0 said...

MISTAKE...i see...
jht gler k0..
u count dat as a MISTAKE??
come 0n ah br0..
cr w0rd laen yg lbey seswai puhleezz..
dulu i wonder why pe0ple keep saying dat guys r all the same..
but n0w..
i'm 100% sure dat guys r all the same in certain things n thoughts..=P
*if i'm n0t mistaken laa kn wut did u mean by dat 'MISTAKE'..*

fadhe said...

hehe,,nape antu lapo jeee tau mistake ape..aku xtaw pon..issshh.. i wonder why jugak..

anak mohamad =p said...

haih..ape neyh..antulapo je tw..antu xlapo pon nk tw juge..

antuLap0 said...
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antuLap0 said...

ak tataw ah weyh..
lucky guest??mybe..
stop it plzz..
tah pape jer korg neyh..
jom kter mnyemak kt blog laen lk..

Ganu Standoff10 said...

Yes, I count that as a mistake and I am really sure what I mean by that mistake right?

And I agree with the phrase "Buat jahat jangan sekali".

Enough is enough. Cukup2 lah. Aku x kuat nak tanggung sume bnd. Tp dlm Quran kate org lemah dan berputus asa itu tergolong org2 kafir..

But then there is still good guys outside and they are not the same as me..

*antuLap0* said...

pmbetolan2...lucky guess ok..