Saturday, December 15, 2007

Umat Islam Harus Cemerlang

I heard this song once I watched Al-Fadhil Ust. Akhil Hayy Rawaa's video on Youtube..His great voice makes this song to be really meaningful to me. Yes, Islam is Allah's religion and Muslim is the best ummah in the world.


sabiey said...

wahh ganu...lagu neh really reminds me on kem ibadah tym drjh 6..mmg asek kne nyanyi lagu ni je tym tu...besnye mse tu,byk fasi2 ajar sal agama...
nway, it's good 4 u to start blogging!
enjoy writing..anytime,feel free to visit my blog on friendster.. =)

ganu said...

thanx sabi..hehe..lagu nih sgt best..