Monday, December 3, 2007

Final test for Chem104A(lab)+chem lab report finale

Good luck for me for my final lab exam..
since now i don't revise anything yet.
just a little bit nervous but it is not a big deal.
I'm happy because this is my last chemistry lab ever.
but now i don't know how to finish my lab report.
since it is the final lab report, it is really hard for me..hahaha..(of course it's hard for you just type several words and then you are more focusing on your friendster,YM, and blog.
but it's ok..i don't like to make something that would put me under pressure..
i know i'm not as good as my other friends with 'A' in all courses. but i believe with what Ustaz Munawwar (my Islamic Study teacher in high school) said : "Whoever help Allah's religion, He will help you back. I was not teach this subject for 'A' in exam, but for the sake of Allah's blessing in the world and in the hereafter".