Saturday, December 15, 2007

Prayer reciting

Since it's almost the day of my final exam, I remembered about my memory back in my high school. Every Tuesday, I had to go to the library and lead the prayer recitation. Thank a lot to Mujahid and Ammar, both of you guys taught me a lot about the Islamic value that we should have in our life. And now I realize that the only factor of my failure in SPM was caused of lack of Islamic values applied in my life. I missed my old days. The days before I got into a relationship that totally a disaster for me. Ya Allah, ampunkanlah hamba-Mu yang lemah lagi tidak berdaya ini.

Alhamdulillah, I still remember that prayer till now......Prayer that would be read before we started our learning session in class..

O Allah O our God, Bless our knowledge and bless our life. Open the door of our heart so that we can easily gain Your knowledge. Make us among those who succeed on earth, en joyous in the hereafter. Protect us from slough, weakness, cowardice, selfishness and also from takabbur and riya". And protect us from ever hunger lust.

All the best for all Malaysian students in Vandy in your final exam. May Allah bless us and inspire us with a good inspiration during the exam. InsyaAllah.


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