Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm thinking too much

It's 4.25 am and I should already sleep at this time but my beloved dreamcatcher doesn't work tonight. It keeps giving me bad dreams recently. I'm thinking too much. I'm thinking too much about everything. I hate uncertainty. Being uncertain doesn't makes you to be any better. But thanks God one of my friends says " life is a box full of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get". So I'm hoping and praying to get through this with ease and bless. Allah knows best. Somehow I wanna get rid all of these unnecessary things but they keep crossing my mind.

Hey Sin Chan. I wanna be like you. Carefree. Live happily with your dad and mum, Himawari and Shiro.
My life is getting tough and complicated. I wanna make it simple. Just like you. Please share your happiness with me

It's pathetic to talk to a blog that can't even respond to your words at this hour. I wish someone says this to me "I'm not telling you to talk to me. I'm telling you to talk to someone." It's a line from Grey's Anatomy. Well, a drama will always be a drama. It wouldn't happen in the real life. Anyway life is too short to be in mess and life is to short to be alone. Let's enjoy the life to the fullest while it still last. Family and friends. At least we have them.

I miss you guys. I'm too tired for always being away from home

This is what we call happiness

p/s: I wonder how the cheerleaders could put big smile on their faces even though their team is left behind.


Anonymous said...

I think you should stop thinking too much , firdaus ? :)