Monday, October 11, 2010

Some little things that make you smile for the whole day

"The most beautiful face is the face that smiles often". It is from Syaf's Facebook status today. Should I say that I have the most beautiful face in the world right now because I've been smiling since last night and I guess throughout the whole day. Hahaha.

Alhamdulillah I'm doing pretty well on the Heat Transfer exam #1 even though I feel like I know nothing about this class especially when doing the homework. Thanks God it's almost Fall Break and I have no exam this week except the freaking annoying four pages Sociology take home assignment. Sheeesshh.

Just believe me sometimes some little things do make you happy and wonder "Is it a good sign from God?". Well that's why I'm thinking right now.

Example: You're just done listening to a song on YouTube and suddenly someone ask you "Have you heard this song (and give you the YouTube link). The best part here is it the exact same song you're listening before. I know it's not a big thing. Maybe it's a dejavu or whatsoever but this kind of small thing does make me smile.

Dear God, please keep giving me those good signs so that this gloomy, sorrow, painful, and somber life is just a history that I don't wanna reminisce. To someone out there, forgive me if I might be a coward guy who will regret all these things later but the small things that happen between you and me does make me happy and makes my heart grows fonder. It really does. Thanks for that. =)=)=)

p/s: Just enjoy the show (Lenka)


Anonymous said...

amboiii.bahagia nye ganu.bagus lah tuh.kena happy2 selalu

Ganu Standoff10 said...

hahaha..dah lama r tak rasa happy2 mcm ni =)

Anonymous said...

ko bahagia dgn sape nih ganu?tahniah2

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kalau jodoh tak ke mana
walau seribu tahun berlalu
orang yang sama masih menunggu

Ganu Standoff10 said...

tapi takde orang pon yang menunggu..ekekeke..
setuju la dengan kalau ade jodoh tak ke mana..