Saturday, March 12, 2011

Story of a man

22 years of tenure time serving as a Prime Minister is not a short time period. Even me myself is not a 22-years old guy yet. Many kids are grown up during his tenure and I'm not the exception. Here, I'm not talking about his biography. How can you summarize this guy's biography in just one entry. It might take a whole blog or even bunch of books to come into details about him

I am now looking into his new launched book "A Doctor in The House: The Memoirs of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad". I am gonna get one when I return home. It contains his "down to the memory lane" stories. From the reviews and critics, the best part of this book comes from Chapter 53: Anwar's Challenge. I am really looking into this book. There are many things to get to know, to learn, and to seek for the truth.

One thing that makes me admire this old guy. He is man of his words. I am not a politician but politics is one of my interest. My family background could be one of the contribution to this interest. It makes me realize that being a politician is hard. I don't know how they can keep smiling after all the hates towards them. This old guy really teach me how strong he could be at his age. So much things to learn. Too many lessons to follow. At certain points, you were wrong but I admire your consistency in everything you say. The most memorable one is "I may have made many mistakes, but removing Anwar was not one of them".

p/s: updating my current wish-list. Meet Che Det in person. (I know it sounds impossible)


wankhai said...

I don't necessarily agree with certain policies of his ( especially in regards to human rights), but hey, he's a man of great ideas.

I also apparently quite Left and 'Socialistic' in my views of democracy and social justice compared to Che Det, but his blog is one of my favourites.

Clear and numbered. A godsend to future teachers who gonna read essays all day long.

Abby<333 said...

aku da pena jmpe die ganu! hehe siap salam lagi hahaha