Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You tell me

Let's start our Thanksgiving break with this issue.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama during their visit to Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta
MP of Serdang, Teo Nie Ching gave her speech at Surau Al-Huda Kajang
We know her very well right?
Giving her tazkirah

So, you tell me which one do you prefer?
A) Photo 1
B) Photo 2
C) Photo 3
D) Photo 4
E) Photo 1 and 2
F) Photo 3 and 4
G) All of the above
H) Neither

Here is my point of view:

  1. I think Photo 1 is perfect. Perfect in the way of their respect to the holy place. As a 1st Lady of U.S, probably Michelle was given enough information about this sensitivity issue among Muslims. With her position, every eyes are on her. So, I believe she must be aware of this thing. It doesn't matter if you are the 1st lady of the most powerful country in the world. If you want people to have respect on you, you have to show them first. Fair game.
  2. Teo Nie Ching. It maybe her first time talking in the mosque. Her little unaware about this issue is like giving a good shuttle position for the opponent to get a smash onto her. Maybe the mosque's committee forgot to tell her. I don't know. Yes, she might be wrong from the sensitivity awareness perspective but bring up this issue into political issue is just something unnecessary. I feel sorry for her for being smashed and knocked by the mainstream media what even put this photo as a front page photo. Cheap. Luckily, leaders from the opposition defend her and this issue already come to the end.
  3. Photo 3 and 4. Nothing much to say. Not because I'm afraid I'll be arrested under ISA. It's because any advice the scholars give, any word they said, they became a trash. I don't know what makes her feel so tenure. Either you're a 1st Lady or not, just think yourself as a Muslim who should be aware of this issue. As I said before, how can people have at least some respect on you, if you don't even have one to your religion. In fact, being a Muslim is not just about wearing scarf into the mosque.
May Allah blesses us, guide us through the right path, and protect us from any sin and harmful.


edda syuhada said...

I choose photo number 1 :) It's better than 2 , 3 & 4 .

Ganu Standoff10 said...

Absolutely correct. That's one's responsibility towards other religions. Respect.