Sunday, January 20, 2008

Come back

I do apologized you guys since I was not being here since a long time. Actually I wanna come out with so many stories but I really need time to update my blog by posting new posts. Since now I've started new semester, 2008 Spring, I turn to be more busy than the fall semester. But what we've been told via Al-Quran, if we go through something with patience, at the last, the success will be ours.
I ask Allah to give us His blessing so that we can be the successful ummah in the world and in the hereafter.
Looking for a better semester, turn to be a better person, InsyaAllah..


Azah said...

I searched for "Doa Penerang Hati" on Google and you blog pops up. I'm sitting at my office desk and wondered how in heavens I could complete the design I am supposed to do; thus the need for the doa. Nevertheless all the best for you studies in Spring.

Azah said...

Oh and by the way, I have my blog here. In case you are ever there, drop me a line. I was in States many many years ago.